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Electric City Interview with Richard Ide

When Tunkhannock-resident Richard Ide was 3, he was in a rare accident that nearly took off both his feet. He went to Penn State, then Williams, now 74, became an actor, then was a broker on Wall Street, then tried to save his family business, then became a dealer in Atlantic City, then a trucker, and now he's also a published author. His latest novel, 3 Aces, isn't autobiographical, per say, but the book involves a male trucker named Abner, a female gambler named Dawn, and a dog who needs a back leg to be amputated. If you can't see pieces of Ide in each of them, you missed the critical parts of the compression bio we gave you. Ide used to crash parties with Warren Beatty and made prank calls with him. READ FULL ARTICLE

Review by Susan Haley

3 Aces is a five-star 'sleeper'… Abner Weaver and Dawn Carlisle, the two protagonists, take the reader on a journey not only across the country and the perils of life on the open road, but into the frightful world of the Viet Nam jungles, the seedy practices of power brokers, and the pitfalls of gambling and alcohol. Thrown together on a chance happenstance, bonded by a terrified, injured dog on an interstate highway, Abner and Dawn’s individual stories begin to intertwine.
Their trials and challenges, their strengths and weaknesses, their 'ghosts' hiding in shadows, evolve into a page turner for almost any kind of reading preferences.
3 Aces reads like a memoir, a mystery, a thriller, a romance. It’s historical, it’s an adventure, and it’s informative and thought-provoking. It belies any one category. It’s life and it’s genuine.

—Susan Haley, Author of Rainy Day People and Fibers in the Web

Book cover depicts big red long-haul truck, 3 cards-all Aces & characters Dawn & AbnerBuy Book

"Masterfully written, intriguing… A riveting eye-opener that will keep you turning page after page."

—Ted Krohn, Esq. Kingston, PA.

"A fast-paced novel… constantly surprising.
Takes you into a world you never knew existed.
Kept me up way past bedtime."

—S.K. Yalik Farms West Dallas, PA.


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