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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

As we continue to plow along in the same rut regarding the bailout of the U.S. banking system, Detroit, and AIG, it becomes clearer to me that both the country and our new President seem caught in the clutches of an oligarchy.

This small pack of interwoven elite figures is unequally derived from four sources: Wall Streeters; banks of the “too big to fail” variety; top U.S. Governmental figures; and a smattering of U.S. Congressmen. The names of the particular persons, by now, should be quite familiar to you – they have made no effort to conceal themselves. Quite the opposite. (more…)


Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Normally, I’d never think of attempting a poem. Seldom do I tangle with poetry. But when the third ‘ace’ of my novel 3 ACES found himself in terminal trouble and was finally laid to rest, I felt that mere prose would do neither the noble animal nor the moment justice.

Maybe that’s how poems come to bona fide poets. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several prize-winning authors of poetry. Supremely unique people – they’re not trying to be different, they just are. Oftimes they’ll knock out a wonderful poem in the space of a few minutes, seemingly without effort. I suspect, however, that the product of those rushes of emotion have lain gestating in their craniums for some time before the births ultimately take place, the apparent speed of creation entirely in the eye of the beholder. By that, I don’t mean to say such creation is not spontaneous, just that it filters through the subconscious until, suddenly, it begs to be set down on paper. (more…)


Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Having received the gift of a one-year membership to the Florida Writers Association – a result of 3 ACES having received the Book Of The Year award from Dahris Clair at The Infinite Writer – a brutally cold Pennsylvania winter made it even easier for me to ponder, then schedule – an exploratory February trip to Florida.

Some twenty years ago, I had briefly considered living in Florida to begin my first novel – the manuscript of which still gathers dust on my shelf. On that trip I ran into Harry Crews at the University of Florida and received some invaluable tips on the writing of dialogue, as well as an excellent list of literary works to read and ponder, and an introduction to Sally Morrison, supervisor of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings estate at Cross Creek. On my way further south (to do research among the “cowboys” of aerial drug smuggling reknown) I spent a day visiting the Rawlings historical site, while alligators growled beyond the old orange groves and a light rain sifted onto the roof of the Rawlings farmhouse – memories still fresh in my mind. (more…)


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