A distraught young woman, a solitary
truck driver, and an injured dog find hope
and love on the American road.

About 3 Aces

Poker-playing Dawn Carlisle is running from a domineering mother, a penchant for alcohol, and an ex-husband suing her for custody of their daughter.

Abner Weaver, nursing a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) hangover acquired in Vietnam, has drifted back into long haul trucking, his truck cab a “foxhole against the world.”

An injured dog draws Dawn and Abner together. A vicious gang of cardsharks, a globalist trucking company owner, and a shower of Las Vegas Texas hold ’em winnings sever their relationship —ultimately driving them to a moment of perception and healing.

The following is an excerpt taken from 3 Aces:

At Chiefland they passed through the heart of the Suwannee River delta: miles of swaying, head-high grass extending westward to the Gulf; the mucky home of gum oak, duckweed, and acres of hyacinth. Abner waved his arm toward the Gulf.

"Over there’s Cedar Key. I bobtailed out there thirty miles once to see the birds—clouds of birds! Couldn’t see the sky for them!"

Although he was acting like a sixteen-year-old kid today, he was often withdrawn, oddly trancelike. It would be more to her liking—and far less puzzling—if, just once, he might carry on like a teenager in a more familiar way....


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3 Aces is a five-star 'sleeper' … Abner Weaver and Dawn Carlisle, the two protagonists, take the reader on a journey not only across the country and the perils of life on the open road, but into the frightful world of the Viet Nam jungles, the seedy practices of power brokers, and the pitfalls of gambling and alcohol. Thrown together on a chance happenstance, bonded by a terrified, injured dog on an interstate highway, Abner and Dawn’s individual stories begin to intertwine.
Their trials and challenges, their strengths and weaknesses, their 'ghosts' hiding in shadows, evolve into a page turner for almost any kind of reading preferences.
3 Aces reads like a memoir, a mystery, a thriller, a romance. It’s historical, it’s an adventure, and it’s informative and thought-provoking. It belies any one category. It’s life and it’s genuine.

—Susan Haley, Author of Rainy Day People
and Fibers in the Web


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