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Richard Ide has dealt craps in Atlantic City, has been a Wall Street broker, and has driven long-haul trucks nearly a million miles over North American highways. Richard lives and writes in the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

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About Button Top Books

3 Aces is published by Button Top Books.

"Button Top is a place of contemplation, a spot so singular that on a winter day you can hear snow flakes sifting through the bare branches.

"In this atmosphere, 3 Aces took shape… as though an unseen hand was guiding the story onto my yellow note pads.

"Nine years of long haul driving came flooding back, in ways that later allowed me to flesh out the characters on my computer keyboard.

"Revision allowed only so much leeway. Trying to mold the story, it kept reverting to the track originally set down on my note pads…

"All along, the story had been seeking me."

Check out these breathtaking photographs taken from Button Top - the birthplace of 3 Aces.

Buttom Top

Buttom Top

Author of 3 Aces- Richard Ide- personal photo
Author Richard Ide

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"… A love story and a testament to emotional healing. Two damaged characters… exploring the heartland in an 18-wheeler, with a side trip to the amoral world of casinos and cardsharps. Interwoven throughout… the Vietnam experience… insight into those who have killed and risked death in defense of their country and are then expected to return to the routine and the ordinary."

—Wes Skillings, Wyalusing Rocket/Courier

"A page-turner… Everyday people struggling to survive the pressures of society, while demonstrating compassion for one another."

—Kathy Wilson, Meshoppen, PA.

"…I like new authors, ones that have some heart in what they write. Which brings me to Richard Ide and his new book 3 Aces… The plot line works splendidly. Richard Ide pulls it off with aplomb… I was also impressed with the research that Richard Ide has done both in his use of locations and also the historical vignettes that he inserts from time to time. 3 Aces covers a lot of ground, literally and metaphorically. The book ends with the best synopsis of the Vietnam war that I think I have ever read. Short and to the point.

"Great book, I loved it…"

—Simon Barrett – is a Calgary, Alberta educator
and a contributing editor for Blogger News.


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