Where do you go when your world caves in?

On the surface, 3 Aces is a story about two lost souls; deeper down it’s a story about survival and facing the truth.

Not without a wry sense of humor, 3 Aces carries us across the Interstate highways and “skinny road” byways of America, and over the mountains, valleys, and politics of wartime Southeast Asia.

3 Aces is about finding hope and love on the American road.


"Fraught with hazard, pathos, chicanery and danger! I couldn’t put it down. Ide’s first novel is a monumental work. Bravo."

—Barbara Edwards, Editor, WorldWide Shipping magazine.

"Most of you who listen to my show know of my interest in long haul trucking. There's a dearth of interesting books on the subject. But recently a trucker sent me his novel, 3 Aces, a book that really nails the subject. 3 Aces by Richard Ide is eminently readable, a piece of great writing that I enjoyed immensely and heartily recommend..."

—Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Radio Program

"3 Aces has quite a political theme –essential to this brilliant rollercoaster of a tale. I can promise you a good
ending to the ride."

—Jessica Roberts, BookPleasures.com

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